The power of One by Jim Carmichael


I chose this title because we sometimes fail to see the power of one in our own lives. I want to start out by covering the 12 points of conflict in the scripture, and I want to point out the power of one (and separation) at each station, so let’s begin with:

  1. Cain / Abel
    1. Cain kills able out of jealousy. But what was behind that? Satan… if we go to Genesis 3:15 we are going to see where it starts, this conflict. First we know it started with Satan, he deceived Eve, bringing death to the world, we then see that God, because of this placed conflict between the woman, her seed (Christ) and him (satan) and the conflict begins. However after the death of Abel, I want you to see something here: God separates Cain from the family, that is his punishment. But God also raises up Seth, and the seed is saved by one man…
  2. Sons of God / Daughters of Man
    1. We see in Genesis 4: 25-26 that Seth has separated himself from Cain, has called upon God, has reestablished worship, trusts in God, and 10 generations from Adam to Noah are listed, for the most part Godly men, in Genesis 5: 1 -31 and 6:1 & 2.
    2. But something happens, The sons of God, look upon the daughters of man, and marry them, they have mixed the seed. First they separated themselves, and followed God, and then reversed their position and evil over took the world, and God was sorry He had created man, but He looked down and saw a man named Noah, a righteous man, and once again the seed is saved by one man…Noah
  3. Barren Womb
    1. The seed was to come down through Abram and Sarah, yet Satan caused her womb to be barren, but God interceded, and promised a son that would carry on the seed.
    2. Sarah didn’t trust in the Lord, neither did Abram, so along comes Haggar, and Ismael, and as you know we are still paying for that indiscretion to this day. Today his descendants are known as Hamas among other names.
    3. However, as God promised they had a son in their old age, Isaac, and once again the seed is maintained, by one man.
  4. Barren Land
    1. Once again Satan tries to destroy the people the seed will come through by starving them to death, and yet by one mantheyare saved: Joseph.
      1. We see another separation here. Joseph was separated from his family by the evil brought upon his brothers by satan. They meant if for evil, Yet as Joseph explains, God meant if for good, and the seed is saved once again by one man.
      2. Look at the pattern that is developing here, separation, and one man/ seed. Against all the forces of evil, yet God wins out every time.
  5. Enslaved Seed
    1. Once again, evil over takes the mind of the pharaoh. It has been four hundred years since Joseph saved Egypt from famine and total destruction, and his work has been forgotten. The Israelites now number over 2,000,000 and the pharaoh decides to kill them, by killing all the male children, and yet one is saved, Moses…
    2. Moses is separated from his family… He is later separated from his adopted family, and again, as he leads his people out of exile, one seed, saves. By one man, the seed survives.
  6. Evil tries to kill King David
    1. Now here’s an interesting part of this journey of conflict we are on, King David.
      1. He begins as a shepherd boy, who kills the foreign enemy, goliath.
        1. He has been separated from his family goes to the palace, place the harp for the King
      2. He is now being attacked by his own king, the domestic forces that work against him.
        1. He has now been separated from his fellow Israelites
      3. After becoming King, he is now attacked by his own son, and once again separated from his family.
    2. By one man, King David, the seed carries on.
  7. Devilish woman, and the remnant
    1. Daughter of Jezebel, Athaliah, wants to destroy the royal seed, why? because Satan has entered her, and he wants to destroy the seed that will eventually defeat him.
    2. Jehosheba, hides the one remaining heir of the seed, Joash, and again, one seed, separated from his family, yet through the one seed, the line carries on.
  8. Death and King Hezekiah
    1. We all know this story, King Hezekiah is going to die, and asks God to extend his life, but so he can have an offspring, that one seed, and he does, and Manassas is born.
    2. Manassas is separated from his father (family) and the seed is carried on.
  9. Haman and the remnant seed of the Hebrews
    1. Now here is another famous story, even a movie was made of it recently. Satan has successfully separated the Israelites from the promised land, led them into captivity once more, they are in the land of Persia, now known as Iran, and they (as now) want to destroy the seed (can we guess who is behind that?), Yet by one person, Queen Esther, the seed, the remnant is once again saved.
  10. Birth of Christ
    1. As Christ is born, King Herod, under the influence of the evil one, wants the child killed, there is only true reason for this, this is the seed which will destroy the power of Satan, the promised seed. So he slaughters all the infants, except the child Jesus is saved, separated from His people, taken into Egypt, and once again one seed, the man Christ, the Son of God, has arrived.
  11. The beginning of Christ’s ministry
    1. Satan has anothertrickup his sleeve, if he can get Christ to sin, He will no longer qualify as the sacrifice for the sins of man.
      1. Christ separates himself, and goes into the wilderness for 40 days as He prepares to begin His ministry that will lead to His death in just 3 short years.
      2. He tempts Christ in the wilderness
      3. As we all know, he fails, Christ merely states each time, scripture says…
  12. Christ and the nations
    1. We have arrived at Satan’s final hope to destroy the seed that will destroy him.
      1. Betrayal / He is separated from the apostles
      2. Trial / He is separated from the people, all those he healed
      3. Crucifixion.
        1. Satan rejoices he has defeated the promised seed that would bless all the nations; He has killed the Christ, the Messiah.
        2. Sunday Morning arrives. Praise God, Halleluiah the King has arisen.

Just one seed, against the kingdom of darkness.


Lets consider this  principle, the principle of separation, and one seed.

1st Cain was made to separate from his family so that he would not influence them in the evil of his way

2nd Seth, called to separate from the daughters of man. So they would not be influenced by the evil of their way.

When the sons of God, looked upon the daughters of man, and married them, evil took over the world.



These are the examples of separation.


Abraham is called to separate himself from his family, often God’s children must separate from their earthly families if they wish to serve God (Luke 14:26) . The character of some of Abram’s relatives – like Laban and lot – was such that it was necessary to get away from them. “Bad company corrupts good character” (1 Cor. 15:33).

Another type of separation is separating your family from the people around you, such as wanting your children to marry another person from the same race.


Abram didn’t want his son to intermarry with the daughters of the Canaanites (Gen. 24:3).

Neither did Isaac and Rebekah want Jacob to marry someone from the “women of this land”  (27:46)


Now let’s take a look at some more modern examples, and I will start with my own family, my own father was truly a, for the lack of a better word, “a worldly man” . My brother (half-brother) was close to him, and grew up as a worldly man.

God separated me from both my mother and father, at an early age. My father’s influence on me would not have been healthy, as it was not a good influence for my brother. I see God’s providence in my life in this way, it is how I can find peace, and understanding in the life I lived as a child, God was separating me from them, and placed me with a godly family who went to great pains to teach me of God’s love.

I admit, I walked in the world for 25 years, but later, I separated myself from those people, and I now walk in the company of those who worship the savior, and do my best to spread the word.


Now you may ask why you are here, and come up with the simple answer, well I broke the law, and got caught… well  a lot of people break the law, but only a few get caught, so why You?

Did it occur to you that God has set you apart? You are no longer with Your family, no longer with the peer group that may have influenced you to break whatever law you broke, you now have a time of separation of those things that may have contributed to your failure or whatever crime you may have committed and now you are sitting here with us, hearing God’s word, and many of you are spreading God’s word THROUGH THE GENESIS GROUP.

And, I know that there are people sitting in prison who did not commit a crime, who were falsely accused, and falsely convicted, and that may be one of you, so for those people, it is even more apparent God wanted to set them apart, separate them, take them out of the line of fire for a while, and give them a time of studying God’s word, and reflection. A time to listen to God, hear Him, be willing to go, to do His work, even if it is next door, teaching those who have still not changed.

You are a seed, a seed of truth that God has set apart for his use, you are blessed, and you must make the decision to listen to God.

Let’s look at how Moses responded:

Who am I to go?

Who shall I say sent me?

They won’t believe me.

I do not speak eloquently

Send someone else…

That was the great Moses, a forerunner of the messiah, the law giver, the leader of the people, and he felt fear, who am I he asked. One who was separated from his family, twice, and he was the seed to survive, and he wasn’t aware of who he was, and maybe questioned his own life and the purpose of it many times, and then one day, the burning bush…


Maybe that is what you also ask, who am I, who will take me seriously, who will believe me?

What can one man do? Will you be one of those who say, send someone else, or will you be one of those who says choose me?

It may not make any difference as it didn’t with Moses,  in other words, God will use you regardless of the decision you think you may be making,  but I would prefer to be the one who says “send me”.

Isaiah 6:8 And I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then I said, Here am I; send me.


Now, let me give you an example of how one man can make a difference;

Consider “The Chinese rice board” I love this example and have used it before in apologetics teaching.

Take one penny, place it on a chess board, and double it 64 times. By the time you get to the end, you will have literally trillions of dollars, probably enough to pay off the national depbt.

There are only 6.5 billion people on the earth. If each one of us would share Christ with one other person, even if it is just one of our own family members, and shared it in such a way they would want to know more, we could hit all 6.5 billion people in just a few years.

Let me give you another favorite example, and again I have used it with other lessons here, but it really serves the purpose of tonight’s lesson.

The story of Frank Jenner:

One night the pastor, Dr. Francis Dixon asked a man named Peter to share his testimony.

Peter got up and said, “This is how I was saved. I was in the Royal Navy. I was walking down George Street in Sydney, Australia and out of nowhere stepped a gentleman and he said to me, ‘excuse me, sir, but could I ask you a question? I hope that it won’t offend you, but if you were to die today, where would you spend eternity? The Bible says that it will either be in heaven or in hell. Would you think about that, please? Thank you. God bless you!” Then the man left. I had never been confronted with that question – I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I got back to England and met someone who took me to a mission and that’s where I became a Christian”.

Dr Dixon asked that question many times, all over the world, and always got the same answer from someone in his audience, so finally went to Sydney Australia on George street and started asking questions and in no time at all found himself in the presence of a dying Frank Jenner, and told him the story of all these men he helped convert. Frank, it is reported, says in all those years of doing that he never knew if anyone had come to Christ because of it, he just kept asking that simple little question.

So tonight, it is another simple little question…will you accept the fact that your personal separation is the plan and purpose of God, and will you go forward and share God’s word with one other person, would you find what great plans God has in store for you, put blinders on so all you see is that purpose, and then pursue it?

Will you be like Moses and say send someone else or will you say, choose me, send me…





God didn’t hide, we did, and still do.




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