Charles Darwin, the Enemy of Truth

  1. We have entered into a time in human history that demands that will we be able to follow the command of 1 Peter 3:15, and it is my passion to equip Christians to know how we can have faith in our belief in God, and His Son our Savior Jesus Christ.
    1. Fifty Years ago
      1. Abortion was illegal, rightfully considered murder.
      2. Sodomy was illegal and would carry a prison sentence if caught (rarely enforced) as it was, and is against the law of God, same as theft, and murder
    2. Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution have led more people from faith in Christ Jesus than any other person on earth.   He didn’t use threats or war orthe persecution of Christians, no, he used the power of the pen.
      1. Elimination of the need for a creator through evolution
        1. Pride is the greatest evil, and evolution has been taught that it is the thinking person that believes and trusts in evolution
        2. Through this pride people have been taught that only fools believe in this fairy tale called the bible
        3. It cast doubt on the historical reliability of Scripture.
  2. The need to study apologetics
    1. Earlier years only needed to share gospel
      1. In America: Most people were already acclimated to the existence of God, and Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and our Savior
      2. Most Americans had at least limited knowledge of scripture, and if we go back to the beginning years of America, all had a very solid understanding of Scripture, because the Bible was the main text book in Education.
    2. Now we not only need to share the gospel, but also be ready to prove its historical reliability
      1. Modern America for many years has been taught evolution to the point most people are acclimated to the formation of earth, and the existence of life as a long process of evolution over a long period of time.
      2. Many Modern Americans have been taught the bible is simply a fairytale to help early (and considered ignorant) man understand (mistakenly) where man came from.
      3. Most American’s including many Christians do not have a working knowledge of scripture because itwas taken out of modern education, and replaced with concepts of evolution
        1. Too busy with modern life to take time to study the word
  3. There are many subjects we will be covering in the future to provethe reliability of scripture.
    1. In the last lessons we learned of the reliability of Scripture, in the existence of Christ, and how we could know that Christ is arise from the grave.
    2. Step back and study creation itself, and see that evolution is impossible.
    3. There arenumerous areas of study
      1. Biology
      2. Geology
      3. Astronomy
      4. Physics
      5. Mathematics
      6. Archaeology
      7. Anthropology
      8. Commonly Cited “Proofs” of Evolution
      9. Scientists who believe in Biblical Creationism
      10. Biblical Considerations
  4. We will look at two areas
    1. First we will have a little fun with mathematics
    2. Secondly a brief look at population Growth
  5. Mathematics
    1. Mathematics is an absolute truth, without the absolute truth of mathematics,
      1. Space travel would be impossible
      2. Even buying clothing or shoes and expect them to fit would be impossible
      3. Math is an exact science,
      4. Is evolution mathematically possible?
    2. Evolution only works if there is a longperiod of time for all of this to come into place,
      1. Time for accidental formations of non-living, and living things
        1. First Example:
          1. Evolutionist way of thinking is that if a monkey was set in front of a typewriter, long enough he would eventually type, by pure chance, a perfect unabridged dictionary. Of course this idea is completely ridiculous, however let’s illustrate this. It is calculated that the probability of a monkey arranging the word evolution by randomly selecting letters from the alphabet is only 1 chance in 26 to the ninth power, in other words, 1 chance in 5,429,503,679,000.The odds of this monkey writing the first verse of the bible by accident is 1 in 1.81,479,392 X 10 to the 62nd power; in plain language 1 chance in 181, 497,392 with 54 zeros past it.
        2. 2nd example: For a simple object of 200 components toaccidently form Let’s take this science ofprobability a step further. Considerthe chance of accidental development of a very simple system composed of only 200 integrated parts (simple compared with living systems)the probability of forming such an ordered system is 1 in 200 factorial, or 1 chance in 788,657,867,364,790,503,552,363,213,932,185,062,295,138,977,687,263,294,742,533,244,359,449,963,403,342,920,304,284,011,984,623,904,177,212,138,919,638,830,257,642,790,242,637,105,061,926,624,952,829,931,113,462,857,270,763,317,237,396,988,943,922,445,621,451,664,240,254,033,291,864,131,227,428,294,853,277,524,242,407,573,903,240,321,257,405,579,568,660,226,031,904,170,324,062,351,700,858,796,178,922,222,789,623,703,897,374,720,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
          1. This colossal number can be written more simply as 1 chance out of 10 to the 375th power of selecting the proper arrangement for a 200-part integrated system on the first trial.
          2. But what if we keep on trying different combinations over and over again? Won’t we eventuallyachieve the desired result?
            1. If we could try various combinations attempting to get the right number for this 200-part integrated system at 1 billion per second, in other words, every second of the day we could try one billion combinations of the parts it would take scientists longer than the 30 billion years that some scientists say is the age of the earth, If we choose a reasonable time for these attempts can we really expect a billion chances a second?
        3. Third Example: Amino Acids
          1. Modern research by NASA has demonstrated that the most basic type of protein molecule that could be classified living is composed of at least 400 linked amino acids. Each amino acid, in turn, is made up of a specific arrangement of four or five chemical elements, and each chemical element is itself a unique combination of protons, neutrons and electrons. Golay has demonstrated that the chance formation of even the simplest replicating protein molecule is 1 in 10 to the 450th power.
        4. Fourth Example: DNA
          1. Wysong has calculatedthe probability of forming the proteins and DNA for the smallest self-replicating entityto be 1 in 10 to the 167,626 power, even when granting astronomically generous amounts of time and trials per second, who can imagine what the chance formation of a more complex structure or organ such as the cerebral cortex in the human brain would be? Itcontains over 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) cells each of which is carefully arranged according to a specific design, and each of which is fantastically complex in itself!
            1. Schutzenberger of the University of Paris at a conference on “Mathematical Challenges to the Neo-Darwinian Interpretation of Evolution, “ concluded that the probability of evolution by mutation and natural selection is inconceivable
        5. Fifth Example: The Human Body
          1. The human body is made up of 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (7 octillion) atoms, which make up 37.2 trillion cells in your body, According to an estimate made by engineers at Washington University; there are around 10 to the 14 power atoms in a typical human cell. Another way of looking at it is that this is 100,000,000,000,000 or 100 trillion
          2. Interestingly, the number of cells in the human body is estimated to be about the same as the number of atoms in a human cell.
          3. To count to 100 trillion would take 3,170,900 years (app) that is to just count to that number, now think of the number of years it would take trying to make that right combination at 1 billion attempts a second for a human body to accidently, or through evolution to develop.
    3. Evolution, according to scientist evolve as in building, one thing on top of another, which actually takes longer than a group of the exact right elements to come together all at once, which meansmankind hasto be literally millions of years old, which is what the fake scientists try to pass off on us
      1. Some numbers I do not understand, but you might, for a 200 part component to come to gather one step at a time is this, again, whatever it means, it is much larger than spontaneous, and it is illustrated as a series of numbers: 2! + 3! +4! …. + 200! I tried to google this, and still don’t understand it, it truly takes a mathematician to understand it.
  6. Population Growth
    1. In 1922 the Earth’s populationwas estimated at 1,804,187,000.
      1. It has increased exponentially since this time, and tripled this number in just 90 years. So because the growth rate has changed since then, we are going to use the 1922 figure to work with.
      2. Do you remember me talking in the past about the Chinese rice board, how you can take a penny on the first square and double it for each following square and by the time we hit the 64 square, we would have more money than we could count.
      3. To arrive at a population of 1,804,187,000. The population starting with 2 people would have to double itself between 30 to 31 times, in fact 30.75, in other words, we are at the 30 square on the rice board, and starting to move to the 31st (actually we did this about 40 years ago)
    2. Let’s use some time numbers at this point and give two reference points as evidence
      1. According to the chronology of Hales, based on the Septuagint text, 5077 years have elapsed since the flood, and 5177 years since the ancestors of mankind numbered only two, Noah and his wife. By dividing 5177 by 30.75, we find it requires an average of 168.3 years for the human race to double its numbers, in order to make the present population. This is a reasonable average length of time.
      2. How can this be verified as an accurate estimate of time and growth
        1. By comparing it to factors than have been observed, and making the comparison. In other words, we can take certain groups of people, check their population growth for the same time period and find the numbers correspond very closely.
        2. Abraham is the father of twopeoples
          1. Jews: the decedents of Israel
          2. Decedents of Ismael
        3. According to Hales, 3850 years have passed since the marriage of Jacob. By the same method of calculation as above, the Jews, who, according to the Jewish yearbook for 1922, number 15,393, 815, must have doubled their numbers 23.8758 times, (this is very close to our Chinese rice board calculations, just a square or two off) or once every 161.251 years. ( an number twice as high as the original number of 168.3 would have been acceptable as a comparison)
        4. The decedents of Ismael: Also, the 25,000,000 descendants of Abraham must have doubled their numbers every 162.275 years, during the 3,988 years since the birth of his son Ishmael.
        5. Mathematics is an exact science, even though we have variations due to diseases wars, and etc., we are looking at averages, and when you have three sources to average, and they come out almost identical, we can trust the validity of their results. And based upon these three results I feel we can trust the age of humanity after the flood as stated by Hales. And, if we can trust this part of scripture, why would we have any reason to not trust all of it.
        6. Evolution according these figures is impossible.
    3. Negative Evidence:
      1. If the human race is 2,000,000 years old, the period of doubling would be 65,040 years, or 402 times that of the Jews, which, of course, is unthinkable.
        1. In other words, to move from one square to the next on our Chinese Rice Board, it would takeapproximately 65,000 years
          1. Using this rate, humanity would have been impossible, the first 2 people would have two children and then wait another 65,000 years in order to have two more, and the first two children having two, and we though Methuselah was old at 900 + years.
        2. Evolutionists claim that the human race is 2,000,000 years old.
          1. But let us generously suppose that these remote ancestors, beginning with one pair, doubled their numbers in 1612.51 years one-tenth as rapidly as the Jews, or 1240 times in 2,000,000 years.
          2. If we raise 2 to the 1240th power, (moving from one square to the next on the Chinese Rice board every 1240 years) the result is 18,932,139,737,991 with 360 figures following. The population of the world, therefore, would have been 18,932,139,737,991 decillion, decillion, decillion. decillion, decillion, decillion, decillion, decillion, decillion, decillion
          3. Or, let us suppose that man, the dominant species, originated from a single pair, only 100,000 years ago, the shortest period suggested by any evolutionist (and much too short for evolution) and that the population doubled in 1612.51 years, one-tenth the Jewish rate of net increase, a most generous estimate. The present population of the globe should be 4,660,210,253,138,204,300 or 2,527,570,733 for every man, woman and child! In these calculations, we have made greater allowances than any self-respecting evolutionist could ask without blushing. And yet withal, it is as clear as the light of day that the ancestors of man could not possibly have lived 2,000,000 or 1,000,000 or 100,000 years ago
          4. If the population had increased at the Jewish rate for 10,000 years, it would be more than two billion times as great as it is. No guess that ever was made, or ever can be made, much in excess of 5177 years, can possibly stand as the age of man. The evolutionist cannot sidestep this argument by a new guess.
  7. Now, if there had been no flood to destroy the human race, then the descendants of Adam, in the 7333 years would have been 16,384 times the 1,804,187,000, or 29,559,799,808,000; or computed at the Jewish rate of net increase for 7333 years since Adam, the population would have been still greater, or 35,184,372,088,832. These calculations are imperfect accord with the Scripture story of the special creation of man, and the destruction of the race by a flood. Had it not been for the flood, the earth could not have sustained the descendants of Adam.
  8. Is not this a demonstration, decisive and final?

One last final thought, we have tripled in poplation in the last 90 years, from under 2 billion to over 7 billion, and we are in line to double and triple again as these numbers are now increasing expodentially, in other words at a faster and faster rate.

Scientist, claim the earth can only feed about 10 billion people ( I doubt this) then we are running out of time, even if it can feed that many people, just think of how over populated we will be…Are you ready for the return of Christ? Have you attempted, and maybe successfully led anyone else to Christ so they will not suffer eternal damnation?