C.S. Lewis Institute Apologetics Training



The CS Lewis Institute offers free apologetic  classes, along with other information that you will find useful in learning how to defend the word.

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Set I Study Guide

Does God Exist? The Cosmological Argument: Can We Know God Exists By Looking Out At The Cosmos?

Lecture Two – Does God Exist? The Argument from Desire: Can We Know God Exists by Looking Within?

Lecture Three – Who is the Real Jesus? Did the Early Church Create Jesus or Did Jesus Create the Early Church?

Lesson 4 Argument From Prophecy: Were the Details of Christ’s Life Foretold in the Old Testament?

Case For The Resurrection: Can You Prove that Christ Was Raised From the Dead?

Set II:Objections to Faith

  Set II Study Guide

Many objections to faith, new and old, circulate in our culture.

What are some of the most crucial issues to face? Was Jesus married?Are the Gnostic Gospels to be taken seriously? Was Jesus’ Deity invented?Why is there so much evil?Is Christ the only way?Is belief in God a fantasy?How can we speak about our faith in this culture?The five lectures in this set address these important questions.

Lecture One – Authority of Scripture: Can the Gospels be Trusted?

Lecture Two – The Problem of Evil: How Can You Believe in God When There is So Much Evil, Pain, and Suffering in the World?

Lecture Three – Is Christ the Only Way? There Are So Many Religions; How Can You Say Which One is Right?

Lecture Four – Understanding Atheism: Is Belief in God “Just a Crutch”?

Lecture Five – Apologetics and the Ascension: The Where, Who, and What of Apologetics

Set III:Responding to Atheism

Set III Study Guide

Atheism is experiencing something of a resurgence today and is aggressively attacking Christian faith in the Western world. In these lectures we draw significantly on the thinking of C.S. Lewis, one of the most famous converts from atheism to Christianity. Some of the enduring insights that led him from atheism to faith will provide help in responding to the new atheists of our day.

Lecture One – Reason and Imagination: How Can You Communicate Your Faith Clearly?

Lecture Two – Faith and Reason: Can You Reason Your Way to Faith?

Lecture Three – Postmodernism: Can You Really Know Anything?

Lecture Four – Relativism: Can You Have Ethics Without God?

Lecture Five – Abolition of Man: C.S. Lewis on the Consequences of Relativism

Set IV:Responding to New Age and Cults

We face a bewildering array of new religious movements in our culture today. The New Age movement and the new witchcraft – Neopaganism – have exploded on to the scene in the last twenty years. Numerous cults content for a hearing, knocking on your door or using the media to gain influence. How can we respond? These lectures provide help.

Set IV Study Guide


Lecture One – Responding to the New Age: Eastern Religion Meets the West

Lecture Two – Neopaganism: Responding to the New Witchcraft

Lecture Three – What is a Cult: Isn’t One Person’s Cult Another’s Religion?

Lecture Four – Dealing with Cults: How Can You Respond to Cults?

Lecture Five – Argument From Agape: Can Love Lead You to Knowing Christ?