Where can we find the truth,
and be certain in can be trusted for the truth?

There are only to master sources from which we can obtain truth….

  1. From within ourselves
  2. From without ourselves

Can truth be obtain from within?

Where does all information found between our ears come from?

So we can know it is not a reliable source for it comes from an outside source as well, so we can determine from this, that information we have, which came from one of those outside sources is suspect. And we need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt the truth we hold on to is the truth, the absolute truth.

What if those outside sources were found to be true, can we now rely on them?

This brings us to our own mental health, have we ever had a head injury. Have we had experiences that would influence that truth?  We we taught lies (unintentionally or otherwise) such as racist idealism, and our perception has grown from that? Does it affect every other idea we have?


So can we trust what we think we know to be the absolute truth?

What are the outside sources…

  1. Our Parents
    1. To make this determination we must know their source of knowledge, their mental health, and the mental health of those who taught them, all the way back in time.
  2. Our Teachers
    1. Do we know their information to be factual? In order to make this determination we must examine their background, their political ideologies, Their personal histories, their faith, and it goes on and on…. not the best source when we are looking for the truth of the ages.
  3. Television
  4. Books
  5. Movies
  6. Preachers