Teaching Apologetics


The course I will be teaching at Dick Conners is from the course Apologetics 1 taught at Sunset International Bible Institute
Online Classroom by permission of Ron Kretz.

Sounds great about the program you are developing with the prison ministry.  Yes, you can take the material that you have learned from the Apologetics class and use it in the course you are developing for the prison ministry. It does sound like it would be of great benefit for these young Christians, starting out in a new direction for their lives.   We enjoy hearing of students who take the material they learn here at Sunset and rework, restudy and build upon it for the classes they develop for their uses. You will find that as you rework it for your use, after a time or two it eventually becomes your own material.
 Looking forward to seeing you back online studying with us again.  We pray your studies and ministry will be a great blessing to you and gives great glory to God.
 In HIS Mighty Name    
 Ron Kretz
 Dean of online Evangelism
 Sunset International Bible Institute

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