Who Can We Blame?


By Stephen R Gray

Who Can We Blame?

Who Can We Blame for The Situation We’re In,
Is It the Drugs, Your Lover or So-Called Friend?
We Chose to Do the Things That We Have Done
Because We Stopped Trusting in God’s Son!

Who Can We Blame for Being All Alone,
Is It Because Of Our Choices That We’re Wrong?
We Had A Choice to Always Follow Jesus Christ,
Because, If We Had, We Would’ve Done What’s Right!

Who Can We Blame for Losing All That We Had,
Knowing What We Were Doing Was So Bad?
We Chose to Rebel and Willingly Commit Crime,
Knowing That We Would Leave Loved Ones Behind!

Who Can We Blame, For Getting Out of God’s Will,
Was the Greed, The Lust or Those Evil Thrills?
We Chose to Get High Over and Over Again,
Because We Let Go of Jesus Christ’s Hands!

Who Can We Blame for Being in The Pen,
While We Were Out There Living in Sin?
We Chose to Stop Calling Out to Jesus’ Name,

Therefore, My Brothers, Who Can We Blame?