What About God?  By Stephen R Gray


What About God?

What About God and All That He Has Done,

And Sent Jesus So That You Could Be His Son?

The Price That He Paid So That We Could Live,

However, What All Are You So Willing to Give?

What About God, And All of His Unconditional Love,

Which He Desires to Share with You from Above?

Are You Willing to Surrender Your Heart and Mind?

Or Do You Think That It’s A Waste of Time?

What About God and How He Loves the World,

So, Realize That Are Worth More Than Pearls?

You’re the Last of His Creation And The Crown,

But, Are You Willing to Lay Your Life Down?

What About God Who Know Everything That You Do,

However, All of These Years He’s Been Calling You;

You Definitely Have an Important Choice to Make,

Therefore, Please Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

What About God Whose Son Died in Your Place,

And His Desire Is to Have Your Sins Erased?

You Have to Be Willing to Make That Choice,

But, Be Certain That You’re Listening to God’s Voice.

By Stephen R Gray