In Memory of Sharon Lee Gray


In Memory of Sharon Lee Gray

3 Years Ago, You Were Trying to Tell Me “Goodbye”

However, I Was Confused and Kept Asking God “Why?”

We Love You, Momma and You Certainly Done Your Best,

Therefore, We Miss You, Dearly, But, Not You Can Rest!

Parenting Came Upon You, While You Were So Young,

Therefore, You Were Surprised to Have Your First Son!

Then Came Travis, Deedra, Stevie And Also Evette,

But Through It All, You Didn’t Have Any Regrets!

However, When It Came to Babies, You Were So Through,

And Many Years Later, You Gave Birth to Lil “Hugh”!

You Endured All of Our Headaches and The Shame,

And Even Went Through A Lot of Sorrow and Pain!

You Were There Even When We Would Do Any Wrong,

But You Would Discipline Us to Make Us Strong!

A Lot Of Things You Done That We Didn’t Understand,

But You Always Told Us to Do the Best That We Can!

You Were A Strong Mom in A Very Unique Way,

And Put Up with So Much from Day to Day!

Since, You Went Away, There’s Been an Empty Space,

Because, A Mom as Yourself, Can Never Be Replaced!

God Blessed You to Give Each of Us A Life,

And Even Blessed You to Become Hugh Dean’s Wife!

You Didn’t Make A Mistake, We All Didn’t Turn Out Bad,

However, We’re So Mindful of The Great Times We Had!

Somedays, It’s Hard to Focus When Thinking of You,

But, you’ll Never Be Forgotten, Love Big Hugh!

We Love You and Miss You Each and Every Day,

Deedra, Stevie, Evette, Shamar, Xzavier Gray!

By Stephen Romero Gray 4-15-18