“Happy Mother’s Day”


“Happy Mother’s Day”

By Stephen R Gray

This Day Reminds Me of Your Love, So Much,

That I Can Even Sense That Warm Touch!

You Raised Me Up in A Very Special Way,

Therefore, I Want to Honor You This Mother’s Day!

Just Thinking of You Always Makes Me Smile,

Because, I’m Blessed to Be Called Your Child!

Even the Times When I Chose to Do Wrong,

You Would Forgive Me and Assure Me That I Belong

The Love You Possess Can Never Be Ignored,

And Not Respecting That Love, I Can’t Afford!

Your Love Is Cherished Deep Within My Heart,

And Nothing in This World Can Keep Us Apart!

Thinking for You Is Something That I Always Do,

Happy Mother’s Day, And I Wish I Were with You!

By S.R. Gray 4-11-18