Galatians 6:5 Faith Works Through Love!!!


Love Is Only A Touch Away…  Make It Your Touch

Love Is Only A Heart Beat Away……. Make It Your Fond Embrace

Love Is Only Reflection Away… Make It Your Smile

Love Is Only A Gift Away… Make It You!!!

God Is Love; Love Is God’s Plan.

God Never Tires of Loving.

Love Is Who He Is

Love Never Gives Up

Love Is the Force That Works!!!

the Lord Is Calling… The World Is Looking to Us

We Are the Hands That Must Reach Them

We Have the Feet That Can Go

We Are the Voices That Can Tell the World

Because We Know, We Must Go!!!

We Must Go… Who Will Go?

We Must Go… Who Will Go?

We Must Go… Who Will Go?

The Hungry Are Reaching Out to Us!

The Lonely Are Looking  Our Way!

The Dying or Calling Out Our Names

In Despair Is Saying Who Will Care

Matthew 28:19: Go! Make! Baptize!

Matthew 28: 20: Teach Them to Observe!

Brother SR Gray “House” 7-11-18