Do You Really Care


Do You Really Care

by Stephen R Gray


Do You Really Care, or Does It Matter?

Or Are You Worried About Pockets Getting Fatter

God Has Called You to Be Head of The Home

Blessings Dry Up When You Practice Doing Wrong

Do You Really Care or Has It Crossed Your Mind?

It Is Your Family That You Left Behind

You Are A Leader and They’re Waiting to Follow

But Missing Your Love and Direction Is All They Can Holler

Do You Really Care or Is It About You?

Or Do You Understand What the Family Is Going Through?

God Gave You His Heart and Even A Voice

So That You Can Help Your Family to Make Right Choice,

Do You Really Care or Are You Too Occupied?

While Satan Is Telling Your Family So Many Lies

God Has Called You to Be Prophet, Provider, And Priest

However, It’s Up to You, For the Blessing to Be Released

Do You Really Care or Have You Become Blind?

That Satan Loves It While We Waste Our Time

No Matter What We’re Going Through God Is There

But I Would Ask Myself Do I Really Care?


July 15th, 2018 By Stephen Romero Gray