Blessed Mother’s Day


“Blessed Mother’s Day!”

by Stephen R Gray

Besides God, No One Can Even Compare to A Mother,
Because, Love as Hers Can’t Be Found in Any Other!
She Will Be with You Whether You’re Right or Wrong,
And Always Encouraging You to Stay Strong!

Besides God, A Mothers Love Shall Always Last,
Even When She’s Very Happy or Sometimes Mad!
Her Love for You Is Unconditional, and It’s Sealed,
Because Of The Fact That It’s Genuine and Real!

Besides God, A Mother’s Love Can Always Be Felt,
And Thinking of It, Causes Your Heart to Melt!
She’s So Loving, Caring and Very Understanding,
But, When She’s Upset, Can Be Quite Demanding!

Besides God, A Mother Shall Always Giver He Best,
Because, She Desires for Her Children to Be Blessed!
She Has A Relationship with God, That Won’t Change,

And Knows How to Remove All of Your Pain!
Besides God, A Mother Desires to Take Away Fears,
And Is Always Willing to Wipe Away Your Tears!
Some Have Been Blessed with Sisters and Brothers,

However, They Could Never Love Like A Mother!

S.R. Gray 4-11-18