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“Black Man”


“Black Man”

Poetry by Stephen R Gray

Black Man, How Long Shall You Continue in Sin,

Because with You, How Could We Ever Win?

All of Our Blessings Comes From Our Father Above,

Because Without You, We’re Missing Out on Love!

Black Man, When Will You Ever Take Your Place,

Because God Has Given to Us All A Measure Of Faith?

What God Joins Together, Let No One Separate,

And We Need One Another’s Love to Communicate!

Black Man, Were You Created to Have Multiple Females,

Or Are You So Determined to Spend Eternity In Hell?

It’s Intended for You to Have One Beautiful Wife,

One Who Is Faithful and Loving That Keeps You from Strife!

Black Man, Aren’t We Sisters More Than Enough for You,

Or Is It Because We Don’t Condone the Things That You Do?

You’re the Man and The One That We Should Follow,

But You Keep Us with Heartaches, Stress, And Sorrow!

Black Man, You Know That You’re the Man for Me,

Therefore, Return Home, Where You Were Meant to Be!

We’re Not Trying to Grab Just Any Man’s Hands,

Therefore, How Long Will You Ignore Us, Black Man?

By Stephen Romero Gray

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