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what is the meaning of a Christian


what is the meaning of a Christian ?

it’s a disciple or follower of Christ .as a disciple we have got to act like one. Ephesians: 5 – 1 says “Be therefore followers of God, as dear children. another word for followers is imitators. so with that being said we need to do God’s work.  Matthew chapter 5 verse 16 says let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in heaven. so we know that it’s not just our works but his works. ephesians 2 versus 8 through 10 says for by grace are you saved through faith, and not of yourselves: It is the gift of God. 9. not of works lest any man should boast. 10. for we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God has before ordained that we should walk in them. with that being said, why would you keep Christ a secret? by doing that you wouldn’t be doing his work. Matthew chapter 5 verse 15 says neither do men light a candle, and put it under a basket, but on a candle stick; and it gives light to all that are in the house. John chapter one verses 4 through 5 says and him was life; and the life was the light of men. and the light shines in darkness: and the darkness comprehend did it not. God gives light to everyone of us. we see in John 12 verse 46 “Jesus says” I am come a light into the world that whosoever believes on Me should not abide in darkness. :Abide: “live or remain”. there is no reason to remain in the darkness. so we get pulled out of our self seeking darkness, and put in God’s light. we are told and colossians chapter one verse 13 that God who has delivered us from the power of darkness, and has translated us into the Kingdom of his dear Son. I know myself I enjoy being and his light. We see from scripture that his disciples did too. they died For it. Philippians chapter one verse twenty one says for to me to live is Christ, And to die is gain. Jesus says in John chapter 12 verse 35 a little while is delight with you. walk while you have the light. less darkness come upon you; or he that walks in darkness knows not where he goes. then he goes on to say in verse 36 while you have light, believe in the light, that you may be children of God. we go through our lives believing and friends, and family. Hebrews chapter 13 verse five says let your manner of life be without covetousness: and be content with such things as you have; for he has said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you. so the question is why would we not believe in our God and not just our God, but our creator. Genesis chapter one verse one says this; in the beginning God created the heavens, and the earth. i don’t know about you, but 2 main these are powerful words, Anne listen to so many lies, when do you get tired of being the one who gets hurt. with you showing up tonight proves that you’re looking for a better life. Jesus says in John chapter 3 verse 20 for everyone that does evil hates the light neither do they come to light, for fear that his deeds should be exposed. So having a fear be that might be exposed shows he knows he is fighting a losing battle. brothers it states in Romans chapter 10 verse nine that if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and shell believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved. if you’ve already done this then you know where you stand. second Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17 says therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature; old things are passed away;behold, all things are become new. why keep living the life that you fight so hard to get rid of. we can’t blame it on being simple because it says in first John 1 verse 9 if we confess our sins, he is faithful, and just to forgive us of our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. notice he says all on righteousness, not just a portion. i don’t know about you, but to Maine it means a clean slate and a fresh start. do you want to be the one who goes in front of God with nothing to show 4, “not Me”. it’s your choice. God gave us free will to choose our paths, and most of all our future. it says in first Peter chapter 2 verse 11 dearly beloved, I beg you as strangers, and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lust, which war against the soul. brothers there is a war going on, and it says an efficient chapter 6 verse 12 we wrestle not against flesh, and blood, but I guess principalities, against powers, I guess the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. I want to ask you does it sound like you can do any of this on your own? of course not or you wouldn’t be here. so please take this moment to receive all that God has to offer, and John chapter 14 verse 13 “Jesus says”, and whatsoever you shall ask in my name that I will do. My father may be glorified in the sun. he even goes as far as saying again in verse 14 if you shall ask anything in my name, “I will do it”, the question that remains what are you going to ask for? I ask every head be bowed.

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