Dick Conner’s Correctional Center Report by Bud Tibbles




PO BOX 326  HOMINY, OK 74035
 MARCH 22, 2016


I. INTRODUCTION: What a year we are having! We have been able to have nine NLB– CASA classes each week, plus the second Sunday I conduct the Sunday morning Chapel service. In addition, we conduct worship services on the the first and third Tuesday nights of each month. At the MSU Medium security we are able to conduct three NLB-CASA  classes plus a Sunday night worship each week. Thanks to all the volunteers from area congregations that help with these services.
II. We are teaching nine classes each week. Bill Hamrick and Jim Pinkston are assisting me in conducting  these classes. They conduct six classes on Monday and Tuesday, I conduct three classes on Wednesday and Thursdayusing inmate facilitators. This is part of the inmates training program that we do with them to prepare them to teach these classes in the future in prison or out on the streets. This will pay dividends in future years.
III. Baptisms: Four men have been baptized so far this year. The fields are white unto harvest. Our challenge is grounding them in the truth and keeping them faithful. We can truly say we have a functioning congregation of the Lord’s Church in this prison both inside the fence and at the minimum security unit.
IV. What lies ahead? We have a great future with a great team of workers. With your continued help we can meet these challenges. Without the help of many of you, both individuals and congregations, we could not carry on with this ministry. I will celebrate my 80th birthday on November 4th. My health is excellent.  We thank God for all of you and committ to continue to do our best to carry out the Lord’s work. I know that Jim and Bill make the same commitment in their work here and at David L. Moss correctional center.
V. A New Program: “Christian Apologetics” On Monday, April 4, Jim Carmichael from the Park Plaza church will begin a class on Christian Apologetics. This is a study from the Sunset School of Biblical Studies. Jim has taken the course and has been approved to teach the program. This is a study on why you believe what you believe. So far as I know this will be a first in an Oklahoma prison.
Conclusion: We are planning a big party! As you know Darlene and I both were declared CANCER FREE by our Physicians in December, so our five siblings are planning a big party for Darlene’s birthday.
The date will be April ninth at the Skiatook Church Multi purpose building. (the metal bldg. at the back of property.)
The family will have lunch at noon, (80 Plus people) and then our friends from over the years are invited for a reception at 2:00 to 4:00 PM.
just come and enjoy.