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A Brief History

This all started in August 1984 when Dr. H. M. Motsinger (an educator and family therapist) joined a group of trained Christian volunteers in a meeting with inmates. Over the next eighteen years Dr. Motsinger developed the first seven courses and the “Children’s Edition” of the NLB curriculum.
With the support and guidance of the Skillman Church of Christ in Dallas, NLB became a separate 501 (c) non-profit and tax-exempt organization in 1988, functioning under a Board of Trustees. NLB is supported by churches, individuals, businesses, foundations and grants.
Impressed with the structure and results of NLB curriculum, Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) officials requested an extension of its impact to families of offenders. A pilot effort was launched in 1993 at the Michael Unit in Palestine with the help of Chaplain Bill Brewer. Wives were invited to participate with their husbands in studies, integrating an essential facet of the prisoner’s behavioral modification–the family unit! Subsequently, FamilyNet has been added to the growing list of NLB programs.
In 1994, the TDCJ encouraged the use of NLB throughout the system. In 1997, TDCJ honored NLB with the Governor George Bush Award for being the Best State Jail Program in Texas.
In 2000, NLB began combining its efforts with Christians Against Substance Abuse (CASA) to magnify its impact inside and outside of jails and prisons. The same year Buck Griffith authored Course VIII (CASA) of the NLB curriculum. CASA is also approved by TDCJ and is licensed by the State of Texas as a faith-based alcohol and drug treatment program. CASA began in Corpus Christi in 1988.
In July 2002, the NLB Board of Trustees asked Buck Griffith to succeed Dr. Motsinger as its President. Thus, the NLB office in Lancaster was closed and combined with the CASA office in Corpus Christi, Texas.
The Founder of NLB, Dr. H.M. Motsinger, has a worldwide vision and passion to see the curriculum translated into every language, taught and studied everywhere. So while President Buck Griffith focuses on the United States, Dr. Motsinger leads NLB efforts outside the borders of this country. Presently, emphasis is being placed on works in Russia, Mexico, Zambia, Nigeria, South Africa, and the Philippines.

What is NewLife Behavior Ministries?
NewLife Behavior Ministries (NLBM) is a comprehensive program to assist individuals in behavioral improvement. It is a ministry of hope reconciling individuals to God, families, and society. It is our basic belief that we are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26- 27) and that we are most complete, comfortable, and productive when operating our daily lives in harmony with our Creator and Savior.
NewLife Behavior Ministries develops and distributes faith-based curriculum and tools to facilitate the reconciliation process. We translate the courses into as many languages as possible for maximum distribution worldwide. Not only is the curriculum popular for application in prisons and for substance abuse recovery, but it is also used in community outreach efforts and in local Bible classes for all ages.
NLB curriculum is free to foreign missionaries; however, users in the USA make a small donation for licensing and reproducing course material.