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Thank you for visiting. On these pages you will find sermons, from myself, Jim Pinkston, and by several of our “inside” preachers, those who have found God, and have become ministers of the word while on the “inside”.


We have many interesting facts about evolution vs. creation here, along with apologetics courses on line, just email me for the password, there is absolutely no charge.

Park Plaza not only teaches the scripture, but we teach the incarcerated men and women how to live by them, how to change their lives in order live according to God’s word through our New Life Behavior classes offered both inside, and by correspondence.

And we teach them how to defend their faith (apologetics) so when confronted they can explain logically why they believe, and it gives them that third dimension of faith, so during those times of doubt we all face they can fall back on the intellectual knowledge that the bible is the word of God, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

We also support a re-entry program so the men have a place to go when released, into a Godly environment associated with other men who were save while serving a prison sentence and they are immediately integrated into the general congregation with open arms.

We also have a very successful Celebrate Recover Program open to all on Friday Nights at our Central Location.

“Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” ~ Hebrews 13:3

Park Plaza Church of Christ teaches Bible classes and leads Celebrate Recovery classes at several correctional facilities. John H. Lilley Correctional, David L. Moss, Dick Conner Correctional Center, and re-entry homes in the Tulsa area are the locations for our Bible classes conducted by our Prison Ministry.

We lead both correspondence lessons and weekly on-site classes. As we minister to the lost and hurting through our Prison Ministry, we have delivered over 4,500 classroom lessons.

Volunteers are always welcome and needed to continue this good work.


On April 4 2016 I will began teaching Christian Apologetics in the prison system, beginning with the medium side at Dick Conners Correctional Center in Hominy OK.

me2A few of the men are already asking me to teach a class on the minimum side as well, which I will as soon as I am allowed.

My hope is the value of this knowledge is recognized quickly, and the course will be spread throughout the prison system, not only in Oklahoma, but the entire country.

I hope that individual congregations will also see the value and start teaching their youth these courses. Just think of the impact if a child could logically and truthfully defend the faith through undeniable historical facts.

If this could happen in the school yard, the day will come it will not be necessary in the prison yard.
New Life Behavior

Jim Pinkston
New Life Behavior
Dick Conner’s Correctional Center
Tulsa County Jail
Celebrate Recovery

Prison Minister
Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery Every Friday Night 
6:00 pm - Dinner 7:00 pm - Large Group Worship 8:00 pm – 
Small Group 9:00 pm - Cross Talk Cafe'
5925 E 51st St Tulsa, OK 74135 918-627-3201 ext 6802

Defending the Faith
Jim Carmichael
Teaching Christian Apologetics
Dick Conner’s Correctional Center

Song Leader
Booker Murphy
Dick Conner’s Correctional Center

  • Alison Valentin, Teresa Hawkins, and Elaine Russell
    Teach the ladies New life Behavior at the Tulsa County Jail
  • David Stites & Jody Gilkey
    will soon receive their badges and start teaching at Creek County Jail
  • Roger Bentley, Brian Campbell and John Ulrich will receive their badges and start teaching at John H Lilly Correctional Center.
  • Jean Pinkston will soon receive her badge and join the two Jim’s and Jody Carmichael at Dick Conner’s Correctional Center
  • Those who go to various places
    Jim Pinkston, Elaine Russell, Booker Murphy, Jerona Robey, Jim & Jody Carmichael, Francisco Davila, Carol Siling, Teresa Hawkins, Alison Valentin, and Jody Gilkey


Defending the Faith

Jim Carmichael

The world has lost Truth

The purpose of this class

A.  To give the student the ability to defend the truth of the bible.

1.    To know and understand not only the bible but the facts that support its reliability as the unchangeable truths that have been in place for 4,000 years.

2.    To provide the student with a powerful tool when sharing the gospel (evangelizing) and defending its reliability when confronted with non-believers.

3.    We have two goals, that you will learn and know the truth, the evidences that prove the absolute truth of scripture, and also to become the teacher.

4.    There is a huge mound of evidence for Christianity, God, Jesus and the Bible. And based on this evidence, it’s reasonable to believe that God reveals truth through revelation. So when we are done, you will have a whole new category of information that is a sound, logical choice, even though many people just reason it away.


B.  The outline of Apologetics (defending the faith)

1.    The various forms of apologetics

a)    First course will be covering the historical reliability of the Christian Faith

2.    This lesson will establish there is an absolute truth

3.    This lesson will also establish that truth must come from an outside source

4.    The course will establish that truth comes from Scripture.

5.    Establish there is an absolute Truth