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Mission Statement



Simple Definition of passion. : a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

The suffering and death of Jesus. “Meditations on the Passion of Christ”
Synonyms: crucifixion, suffering, agony, martyrdom
“The Passion of Christ”
We (of the prison ministry) have a passion: To help as many of the men and women incarcerated in prison(s) as possible.

For those who will eventually be released:

1. To never return to prison upon release
2. To become an active member in the church, and contributing member of society
3. To become apologist evangelists both inside, and after released
For those who will never be released:
1. To become active committed “inside” preachers, and evangelists to the prison population
How we accomplish this:
We preach the gospel at the prison, teaching the word to the prisoners, and encouraging their personal study.

Jim Pinkston preaches and teaches New Life Behavior
Jim Pinkston preaches and teaches New Life Behavior

We teach the New Life Behavior course to the prisoners, showing them how we apply scripture to their daily lives, even while in prison, and upon release.
We teach them Christian Apologetics, a systematic approach to the historical reliability of the scriptures.
We teach them how to know God’s word, how to live God’s word, how to defend God’s word, strengthening their own faith, and giving them confidence when evangelizing, as in 1 Peter 3:15.

Jim Carmichael, preaches, and teaches apologetics at Dick Connters' Correctional Center in Hominy OK
Jim Carmichael, preaches, and teaches apologetics at Dick Connters’ Correctional Center in Hominy OK

Teaching Apologetics, along with the Gospel is much like a farmer who grows crops.
First he plows the field, making it ready to plant seed: This is apologetics, and what it does, it prepares the unbeliever with the evidence they need to accept the teaching of the gospel.
Planting the seed: This is evangelizing; sharing and teaching the word.
Once the field (or the mind) is prepared to receive the seed, we start planting the seed of truth, God’s truth.

Then comes the harvest; these men and women are ready for the harvest of God: Salvation
We are commanded to take the word to the world Mathew 28: 18 – 20  As did Jesus, and all the apostles
We are commanded to defend the word: 1 Peter 3: 15 As did Jesus, Paul, and others.
In order to accomplish our goals we need at least three things:
Your prayers, as a Christian you know the power of prayer, and if you cannot contribute financially then pray for those who can, will. Pray for our success, safety, and continued strength. Pray for the prisoners’ eyes to be opened to the truth. Pray for the families, and the victims of those incarcerated. Pray for the prisoners healing, to be healed from the addictions, and or character flaws that led them to prison.
Materials: Your contributions will enable us to purchase training materials including bibles, and specialized books that help provide the training they need.
Help: We need trained, dedicated apologist evangelists to join in the cause, there are many more prisons than there are people to send out.
Travel Expenses: There is a certain cost in time and travel involved in this ministry as in most.

With your contribution of any amount, whether it is $1.00 or $1,000 dollars we will be able to cover these expenses. In addition contributing supplies, or joining us in this ministry is another way to contribute.

We hope you will prayerfully consider helping us in some small or large way, either financially, or physically.
Thank you
The two Jim’s
Jim Pinkston, and Jim Carmichael

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