Six Greek words concerning miracles.

  1. Teras: A startling, imposing, amazement-waking event. Compare John 4:48 and Acts 2:19 where we find “wonders.”
  2. Semeion: Implies that the miracle is an indication of some power or meaning behind it to which the miracle is secondary in importance. The NIV translates this word “Miraculous sign.” Found 17 times in the book of John.
  3. Dunamis: Emphasizes the power revealed in the performance of the miracle and implies the spiritual energy that produced it. Compare Matthew 7:22; 11:20.
  4. Endoxos: Implies that miracles are works in which the glory of God and of the Son of God shines forth. Compare Luke 13:17.
  5. Paradoxos: Used only in Luke 5:26, “remarkable things.” It refers to that which is contrary to the order of the natural world and to that which is strange to the usual current of thought.
  6. Thaumasios: Used of that which provokes wonder. Compare Matthew 21:15, “wonderful things.”

NOTE:  The word semeion is most prevalently used.