Bryan Campbell; Celebrate Recovery


Bryan is one of the success stories of Park Plaza prison ministry. He earned his master’s degree in Christian Counseling while on the “inside” and is now active in our prison ministry. There are no salaries for this work (with the exception of the minister in charge of this program) and Bryan needs a little help, if this is possible for you, I hope you will consider helping.

I am a prison Minister for John Lilly Corrections in OK. I oversee Celebrate Recovery inside every Saturday. 3 months ago I was laid off at my job. I have since found new employment. But I took a $3 an hour cut in pay. I also was injured while working at the church. So I have fallen behind on my bills as well as funding for my missions in the prison. My church has helped me in many ways and they refund me for the miles that I travel but the problem is I use my own car and in order to continue doing this I need new tires to attend as well as getting caught back up on my finances. I work with 30-plus me in a week at John Lee correction centers as well as help assistant manager for Hope city which is re-entry program for inmates coming back into society. My problem is that I’ve fallen so far behind I see no light and catching up and it’s becoming a burden on me. I’m just trying to find some sponsors that will help me through this year in doing the prison ministry so that I can get caught back up to where I can continue it on my own I’m not looking for a long-term solution I’m looking for a short-term solution. Once I’m caught up with everything I would have no problem in financing this myself but I have gotten so far behind that is hard to catch up. I serve my Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart and I know that he will find a way for me to finance this I do not want to stop this and I know God doesn’t either and I don’t know where else to reach out to I know my church family helps me everyday and they’re doing the best they can so I’m asking you or anybody in any way could you please help me to continue taking the word of Jesus Christ to those that are lost I love you and I thank you my name is Bryan Campbell