DCCC apologetics course II Origin of the Universe: Mind or Matter? Lesson Two






Which is eternal: mind or matter? Scientist are convinced that the Universe could not have come into existence in any way which would indicate an Eternal Being. The scientific world cannot logically and reasonable supply evidence as to the origin of the Universe. Evidence must be presented for whatever claim is made for the world’s existence. In this lesson evidence will be presented both for the claim of super-natural creation and to disprove the scientific claim of accidental explosion existence.


To investigate the evidence presented and determine the origin of the Universe and all it contains.


  1. Examine evidence which substantiates that matter is not eternal but was created by an Eternal G-D.
  2. Determine by logic, reason and evidence that the organized universe did not happen by blind chance but by an intelligent designer.
  3. Learn that organized matter is a result of divine design not accidental formation.



  1. Axiom of Eternity
    1. Something cannot come from nothing (self-evident proposition).
    2. Therefore, something always was or nothing could now exist.
  2. Two Options of Eternity: Intelligent Mind or Mindless Matter
    1. Most scientists believe matter is eternal and accidentally formed the universe.
    2. Christians believe G-D (super-intelligent mind) always existed and designed and created the universe and all life
  3. Scientists Reject the Eternity of God Because Creation is “Miraculous”
    1. Webster defines a miracle as “an event or action that apparently contradicts known scientific laws.”
    2. Most scientists have concluded that creation is “anti-scientific.”
  4. God’s Miracles Follow Superior Scientific Laws
    1. God has many laws of science that man cannot understand (Job 9:10)
    2. God has even higher laws of science that govern the heavenly realms (Isaiah 55-9).
    3. G-D’s miracles appear to contradict scientific laws, but they actually follow these higher scientific laws.
  5. Scientists’ Theory of the Eternity of Matter Contradicts Their Own Scientific Laws
    1. First Law of Thermodynamics: Energy Conservation:
      1. Energy can be converted into different forms, but cannot be created or destroyed.
      2. Since the whole universe is in a state of conservation, it could not have created itself.
    2. Second Law of Thermodynamics: Energy Decay:
      1. Every energy system moves from order to disorder and will eventually reach the state of equilibrium when all energy will be exhausted.
      2. Scientists have concluded that the universe had a beginning.
      3. The decay process is gradually wearing away the universe so that one day it will cease to exist in its present form.
    3. Since matter will have an end, it is not eternal.
    4. Since something must be eternal in order for anything to exist now, and since matter is not eternal, only one option is left: Eternal Mind (G-D)
  6. God’s Eternal Pre-existence and His Creation of the Universe are Consistent with the Laws of Thermodynamics
    1. First Law of Energy Conservation harmonizes with the Bible miracle of creation (Genesis 2: 1 – 3).
    2. Second Law of Energy Conservation harmonizes with G-D’s curse of creation with decay (Genesis 3: 1 – 9; Romans 8:20 – 23).
    3. The universe is headed toward extinction taught by Jesus and Peter (Matthew 24: 35: 2 Peter 3: 7 – 12).
    4. Since God is Spirit (John 4:24) and preexisted creation, He is separate from, and therefore not subject to, the two Laws of Thermodynamics.
    5. An eternal mind (G-D) harmonizes with the scientific Laws of Thermodynamics.
    6. The scientific belief in the eternity of matter contradicts these laws.


  1. Faith of Christians: That a Super-intelligent, Super-Powerful G-D Designed and Created the Amazingly Organized Universe (Genesis 1:1).
    1. G-D designed and created the universe, and all life, including intelligent man within six days (Genesis 1:1 – 2:1).
    2. “For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but He rested on the seventh day” (Exodus 20:11).
    3. It is more reasonable to believe that an intelligently designed universe indicates an intelligent Designer rather than a mindless explosion of unorganized matter.
  2. Objections of Scientists to the Christian Faith in Creation
    1. Webster defines science as “systematized knowledge drived from observation, study and experimentation.”
    2. Claim: Creation is unscientific because it has never been observed and it cannot be repeated in the laboratory.
  3. Faith pf Scientists” universe Was Formed by Blind Chance from “The Big Bang”.
    1. All the universe was once compacted into a single, tiny molecule which accidentally exploded from an unknown cause and expanded into the present universe.
    2. The universe continues to expand laterally (not vertically) in two opposite directions from a common center.
    3. This expanding debris accidentally organized itself into millions of separate galaxies, each composed of billions of stars.
    4. This expanding debris accidentally formed the Milky Way Galaxy close to the center of the supposed explosion.
    5. A minuscule bit of the debris that formed the Milky Way Galaxy accidentally formed our sun, one of its billion stars, and also the solar system, including the tiny planet earth.
    6. Planet earth had just the exact correct composition and climate conditions to produce spontaneously by blind chance living plants and animals, which in turn accidentally evolved into higher life forms.
  4. Objections to the faith of Scientists in Relation to the Origin of the Universe
    1. The Big Bang Theory would be a miracle greater than creation. Mindless matter would accomplish what intelligent scientists have been unable to do in the laboratory.
    2. Scientists have never observed, nor demonstrated by experiment, how all the matter of the universe could be compacted into a single molecule.
    3. Scientists have never observed or experimented with a molecule that exploded by itself.
    4. All experiments with explosions of molecules destroy.


  1. Matter is Composed of Invisible, Intelligently Designed Atoms
    1. Non-living matter is composed of invisible components of highly intelligent design: “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible” (Hebrews 11:3) (consider the quark)
    2. Non-living matter is composed of at least 109 elements.
    3. Each element is composed of atoms of a unique molecular design.
    4. 20th century scientists learned how to split the atom and discovered on the inside of each atom a nucleus of unique molecular design.
    5. Nuclear scientists learned how to split the nucleus and this discovery led to the bomb.
    6. Scientists discovered in the nucleus of each atom of each element a unique number of combinations of neutrons, protons, and other elements.
    7. Scientists found that each element has a different number of protons inside the nucleus from 1 to 109, without skipping a single number. (New Encyclopedia Britannica, 1991 Ed., 1,678)[i]
    8. Each element (gold, silver, iron, etc.) can be identified by the number of protons inside the nucleus of its atoms.
    9. Random formation of elements by chance could not produce such orderly sequences (1 to 109) without gaps. An intelligent designer could do this.
  2. Organized Non-living Matter Could Not Have Evolved by Chance
    1. Non-living matter is unable to reproduce itself.
    2. Non-living matter is in a state of decay and will eventually exhaust all of its energy and reach a state of motionless equilibrium in obedience to the 2nd Law of Thermo-dynamics.
    3. Scientists are unable to explain how a mass of unorganized matter organized itself by chance into 109 elements, each with a highly intelligent, complex molecular design of protons, neutrons, and particles.
  3. The Complex Intelligence Seen in Non-living Matter Demands an Intelligent Creator
    1. Our sun is one of the stars of the Milky Way Galaxy and forms the solar system in which 9 planets refvolve around the sun.
    2. The earth is 93 million miles for the sun, perfectly sustaining life on earth. A million miles closer to the sun would burn up all life. A million miles farther away would freeze all life on earth.
    3. The earth rotates around the sun every 365.21299 days, causing a constant solar year for man to count time.
    4. The moon’s rotation around the earth permits man to have light on the earth at night so that both man and animals can operate after the sun sets.
    5. The speed of the moon’s rotation enables earth’s inhabitants to divide the solar year in 12 lunar months.
    6. The moon’s distance from the earth creates a gravitational pull on the earth, giving it a constant 23⁰ tilt on its axis.
      1. This tilt, plus the varying distance from the sun during earth’s rotation around it, produces the four seasons on earth for planting, growing, harvesting, and resting.
      2. Mars, which has two moons, wobbles back and forth on its axis, making it impossible to have four seasons and to sustain life.
      3. The same gravitational pull of the moon controls the times of the oceans. [ii]
    7. The amazing water cycle on earth that enables the growth and survival of all plant and animal life.
      1. Subterranean water provides fresh water wells in dry areas.
      2. Salt water oceans provide the necessary habitat for salt water sea life and salt water plants to thrive.
      3. Fresh water lakes proved the habitat for fresh water fish and plants.
      4. Fresh water evaporates from the oceans and lakes, is carried by the clouds over land and dropped as fresh rain water or snow.
      5. The streams and rivers run back into the ocean, recommencing the continual water cycle that brings moisture to the earth.
    8. The earth’s atmosphere has the proper balance of carbon and oxygen to sustain life.
      1. Plants use the carbon in the atmosphere and exhale the oxygen.
      2. Animals use the oxygen in the atmosphere and exhale the carbon.
      3. This cycle continually replaces the proper carbon/ oxygen in the atmosphere.
    9. The food cycle to sustain all life includes plants for animals, man, and fish to eat, insects for fish and birds to eat, fish, birds, and small animals for wild animals and humans to eat.
  4. The Total Model of Our Solar System Demands a Divine Designer
    1. Benjamin Franklin once attended a scientific conference in France where a model of the solar system was erected on a table. A colleague admired the word and asked Franklin who made it. Franklin replied, “oh, it just happened.” (Batsell Barrett Baxter, I Believe Because, Baker, 1971, p. 54)[iii]
    2. Imagine how offended would be the scientists who constructed that model of the solar system for someone to say that the model fell together by chance after their hours of precise calculations and careful construction.
    3. Which indicates an intelligent designer? The model needs a humanly intelligent designer, but the real thing needs a super-intelligent designer.


  1. The Heavens and The Earth All Shout That There Is a Divine Creator (Psalm 19: 1 – 4)
    The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.

    1. As we travel outward to the most distant stars, we see His handiwork.
    2. As we travel upward to the sun, moon, and stars, we see His foot-prints.
    3. As we travel downward into the depths of the sea and earth, we find His intelligent designs.
    4. As we travel inward into the tiny recesses of the nucleus of an atom, we find His fingerprints
  2. May Praise and Glory Be Given to Our Omniscient and Omnipotent Creator!


  1. What axiom (self-evident truth) leads us to the conclusion that something had to be eternal? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. What are the two options of what is eternal and two options for the way the universe originated?
    Two options of eternity: _________________ _________________________
    Two options  for the way the universe originated: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Why do most scientists reject Creation as the origin of the universe? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Explain the two laws of Thermodynamics. Show how these two laws prove that matter is not eternal, making God the only option of being eternal. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Why do scientists believe the Biblical view of creation is unscientific? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Explain the method and manner by which most scientists believe the present organized universe come into existence. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. Give 3 scientific objections to the method and manner in number 6.
    1. _________________________________________________________________
    2. _________________________________________________________________
    3. _________________________________________________________________
  8. What is the cosmological argument for God as Creator? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. List four arguments which would indicate that the design of the universe indicates a Divine Designer.
    1. _________________________________________________________________
    2. _________________________________________________________________
    3. _________________________________________________________________
    4. _________________________________________________________________


[i] “Atomic Weight,” New Encyclopedia Britannica, 1991 Ed., 1,678.

[ii] The moon is app 234,000 miles away from the earth, and it is moving away from the earth at a rate of 1.4 inches a year. If the earth is 6,000 years old it has moved away from the Earth app 700 feet, no big deal, however if the earth is 2 billion years old, the minimum amount of time needed for evolution to occur, it would have 50,000 miles closer to the earth, and the seasons, the tilt of the axis, the tides of the ocean would have made it impossible for the life to exist, if 10 billion years old, the moon would have been rolling around on the face of the earth, a ridiculous proposition.

[iii] Batsell Barrett Baxter, I Believe Because, Baker, 1971, p. 54