Articles by Rabbi Moshe ben Avaham of DCCC


Rabbi Moshe ben Avaham has been imprisoned in Dick Conners Correctional Center for app 40 years. He is a teacher of Judism in the prison, and below is a short autobiography.

Ordained December 6, 1976 Filed in the credentials of Ministry of Osage County, Oklahoma County, Comanche county, and Payne county. I have a Doctor of Divinity Degree and a Doctor of Religious Humanities Degree From ULC in California
John has a Rabbinical Ordination under his Hebrew Name also filed in Oasage County. He is of the Morden Orthodox Jewish Faith . He is also a litigation Paralegal and his personal ministry is to aid victims of crime recover damages and aids in Civil and Criminal law the litigation Support Serives, inc. Oklahoma City Branch.

His opinions, and beliefs do not nessessarily reflect the beliefs and opinions of anyone associated with this website, however, it is my intention to post all views, and leave all open for personal discussion or argument.