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Torah Lesson 101318

In 312 AD a time of turmoil in the Roman Empire. The Imperial throne was empty. Constantine and Maxentiw entius went to battle over the throne. To Constantine the Supreme God was Mithras, the Persian sun God.  Constantine claimed he saw a vision of a flaming cross in the Sky next to the sun along with the words conjured by this! He then confronted Maxentivs and won the battle. Constantine claimed to be a follower of the Messiah and Christianity, and suddenly changed from being illegal to legal and favored religion. He proclaimed Sunday as an official Roman holiday. Keep in mind to him the Supreme God was Mithras, the Persian sun god. Sunday or son day in honor of the sun god Mithras the Persian sun god!

And 35 A.D. Constantine’s son Constantivs took his father’s action one step further and prohibited all Pagan sacrifices on pain of death. He closed all Pagan temples, destroyed many and converted others to Churches. So many Pagan Holidays just changed their holiday names. Pagan holiday of the goddess of Estar a fertility goddess became Easter, the Bunny and egg symbolizes fertility was now legal under the decree. Constantine demanded control and the title “Pontifex Maximus (high priest) by the year 325AD he called and presided over the first general counsel of the church, the Council of Nicaea. It was to settle doctrinal disputes.

He built a church called Saint John Lateran[i] in Rome. The style of the building is called basilica. Its interior design was patterned after the throne room of the Imperial Palace. He also made a law forbidding holding church in private and went on to prohibit holding church in any place but the Catholic Church.  Rituals originally developed for Pagan worship were imported into the church. Burning of incense carrying of and burning of candles became widespread expressions of worship.

Martin Luther broke with some of the church policies and fathered the Protestant faith and broke with the Catholic faith. The Catholic Church ordered he be put to death. He had to hide, Judaism however would never change and was hated by Constantine who was antisemitic, and Martin Luther pushed it after the death of his 13 year old daughter.

Judaism the second oldest religion on earth after Pagan religion just does not change. But overtime 3 branches of Judaism have come about; Orthodox, Reform, and Conservative. Hasidic Judaism and secular exist. You need not to be Jewish to be pleasing to G-d, you need to obey him!



Judaism considers a belief in the Trinity is Pagan an idolatry. Idolatry is uncleaned to all Jews.

Some terms you should know: Holy means special and to be righteous means clean of body or in mind. If you’ve some food that you set and hold so you’ll have it for a special time and you use such on the Sabbath it’s made holy. G-d’s presence will not dwell in the presence of idolatry!

A lack of Holiness drives G-ds presence away! You must remember this. Holy means special. Righteous means cleaned. Don’t confuse Holiness with Righteousness they are not the same. Clean of body would also mean you’ve eaten anything that is not kosher. You’ve not had anything to drink that is not kosher. Kosher means proper. If you have you must flush out your body with water and fast for 72 hours to allow all unkosher foods to get out of your system.

You may not have any Nosh within that time. You must wash your hands before, and after every meal. Every time you wash your hands you should say the blessing for hand washing, after, and before you dry your hands off.  When you wake you should at once get up and say a blessing, and then dress, wash your face, hands, say blessing, and say the blessing in the prayer book. You have a duty to feed your stock and/ or flock before you feed yourself. You are to study Torah before you start your day to put your mind in the right mind set for the day. You must never put off the study of Torah. As you copy this write down any questions you may have.

What is your duty and obligation to God? Are you to be a Steward! What is a steward? You are to: Tikkum Olem repair the word from all the harm man has done to it. Remember the Hebrew term.

[i] Founded during the fourth century in honour of St. John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, St John Lateran (Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano) is the Cathedral of Rome and the most important of the four major basilicas.

Torah Lesson 110418 First Week

The Megillah of Vayikra 1:1 to 6:6 in NKJV. The next Megillah is TZAV. In the TANACH it’s 6: 1 to 8: 36 in a NKJV 6: 5 to 8 :36. You are to read this Megillah.  The word “Kohen” means temple priest a bloodline of Aaron and a Levite. Only those are the tribe of Levites could serve at the Holy Temple. The name of the first Megillah is:  Vayikra. This Megillah TZAV is. There are 10 Megillahs in Leviticus. You will need to read all these within The week. This tells the children of Israel they are to eat no fat or blood. What is clean and unclean to them as a Kingdom of priests. It does not apply to Goy! unless they live within a Jewish community Aaron had his two sons Nadab and Abihu, they thinking they knew best, offered profane fire upon the altar, fire not authorized and died for it! Like them the people of today do not grasp they can’t do things their way!
God is absolute; you do it his way or you’re punished. What you think means nothing, it’s what God thinks that’s important Aaron’s sons serve as examples for us today. The story is told to us in the Megillah of Shemini.

Note that in 11; 1 – 47 deals with what is and is not kosher, the word means proper. It is a very important Megillah as it deals with what Jew may or may not eat!  The other Megillah of Leviticus are;

Tazria, Metzoray,  Acharfi, Kedoshim, Emor, Behar, and Bechukosal @15:16 – 27  tells you the meaning of Genesis 31:35 in the law you’re told at Leviticus 19: 13 you’re not to cheat nor are you to keep the wages of your employee over 24 hours. The reason you’re not to keep wages is because the workmen may be poor and need his money for food, debt, clothing or housing. You are to put no hardship on him.

The best form of charity is allowing a man to earn his wage so you’re to pay him daily unless you’ve agreed to another system like a contract.

19: 13 gives you another command beyond cheating your neighbor. You’re told you’re not to Rob him just because he may be willing to do a job for less money and below what is worth you must be fair and not give him less than the job is worth. In 19; 14 you’re told not to curse the deaf. This means just because a man does not get the point, you’re trying to make with him, you’re not to curse him for it. This is not a literal statement. A deaf man can’t hear you. But a man who will close his ears to you will not hear you. Some have been lied to so much they can’t hear the truth when it’s told to them. And the blind is not literal. A person can be morally blind, and he can’t see the sin, but you can.

If your heart is not right when you’re acting in someone’s behalf you may be putting a stumbling block before them. Put it off till another day don’t do it today! @ 19 : 28 you’re told to not harm yourself. Again, it’s not literal. But does have literal meaning. Many others are willing to harm you, you should not be willing to harm yourself.

You are to be honest in your business dealings. And You are to show honor and respect to the old someday you will be old. A man who respects his elders sets himself apart and receives honor for himself and respect.
Homosexuals are condemned but what most failed to understand is what action is homosexual. A female cannot violate the homo law as they cannot pass seed. A male can only do that. The female fails to be what she was to be; a help mate to the male. But she is only failing.
The Male homo is to be killed; she is not. where God may be love he is also judgment and punishment as well. The holy convocations are given only to the children of Israel, but the goy may take part. It’s intended there be only one law. Leviticus 24: 22 to grasp the tithe is important. 1st the law states the value @ Leviticus 27: 25 most, however miss the point.
The tithe of the land is to be its seed or produce is 10%; 27: 30 and the herd or flock. But of income that tithe is 1/5 or 20% Failing to do that is what caused the statements of Malachi 3; 7 – 10. You Rob God when 20% of your income is not set aside for holy use. You became the Stewart of god’s money and he expects you to make a profit.  Shown by the story told @ Matthew 25: 14 – 27, and @ Luke 19; 22 – 23. You don’t just put it in a can, you make it work  you invest for this God allows you 20% and the profit it makes as you put back 80% as that money goes back into god’s account you manage.

You have until December to learn all them a Megillahs of Leviticus you’ll have a closed master test on all of Leviticus at the End of November.