A Purified Heart By Victor Davis


by Victor Davis
Before I came to prison, my ego was not well formed. This fact was marked by a lack of maturity and an underdeveloped sense of responsibility; I could procreate, but spiritually, I was a child, an apostate.
I lived life according to my own philosophical values, although I believed YAHSHUA, I was my own idol, as a womanizer, substance abuser, and worst of all, an unreliable parent.
On January 10, 2014, I officially went into DOC custody, and everything I ever feared in my mind became a reality and a nightmare from which I could not awaken. It was a surreal experience.
Within a year’s time, I received the wages of my sins. Everything in which I found my identity and everyone I found security with, were taken away from me. My life was desolated.
During my incarceration, over the course of time I began to re-establish my relationship with YAHVEH, through prayer, faith, and by being a Berean.
In addition to this, HE started to answer my prayers, even if those answers didn’t come in the form I thought they would. However, YAHVEH pruned my heart through these things.
I have come to accept, YAHSHUA as YAHVEH, as well as my eternal SAVIOR. I have learned to be content and steadfast by trusting on HIM solely for all of my needs through endurance and not by relying on the things of the world that used to believe define me.
So, what has YAHSHUA done for me since I’ve been incarcerated? HE refined my heart by giving me HIS character.