Heaven:Pushing Up Daisies Ain’t So Scary


by Marie Penrose (Author)

A Lighthearted Look At A Serious Subject


Curious about what heaven will be like?

Heaven:Pushing Up Daisies Ain’t So Scary

Sometimes we can get so focused on the perceived negatives concerning death when there are actually so many positives ahead of us in heaven. This book was written to clear up common misunderstandings about heaven, to ease the fear of death, and to comfort those who are grieving the loss of a loved one by highlighting what they are currently experiencing in heaven. Included are “pluses and perks” of living in the eternal heavenly home. Also included are personal testimonies of people that have had experiences with “the unseen world” as well as some opinions and inspiring quotes about heaven. Although only God knows the intricate details about the heavenly home most of us are looking forward to, this book is a mixture of future facts, heavenly hopes, and a couple of handfuls of humor mixed in with the intentions of making something that is usually sobering and sad into something not to be dreaded but joyfully anticipated.

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