God’s Love by Stephen R Gray


God Loves You So Much and I Could Never Deny,

Because His Love Puts Tears in My Eyes!

He Knows and Understands All That You Feel,

And His Love for You Is Unconditional And Real!

Sometimes, It Can Be A Struggle When Going Through,

However, Realize That Jesus Is Right There with You!

I Can’t Remove Your Heartaches nor Your Pain,

But I Believe That God Won’t Allow It to Remain!

You’re A Blessed Woman That Still Looks Great

And When God Made You It Wasn’t A Mistake!

God’s Love Is So Deep That It’s Hard to Explain,

However, His Love for You Shall Never Change!

It’s A Blessing To Have Someone Who Genuinely Cares Because,

God’s Love Has and Will Always Be There!

That Your Break Through Come Soon for A Brighter Day,

Therefore, I’m Sending A Prayer Without Any Delay!

God’s Love Is Everywhere and Even Within Other’s Hearts,

And I Feel Your Love, Although Were Miles Apart!

He Gives Us His Love So We’ll Give It Away,

So We Can Help Someone Else Have A Blessed Day!

If I Were There, I Would Give You A Big Hug

However, For Now, I Can Send Only God’s Love!

From My Heart to Yours

By Stephen R. Gray


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