The Rain By S.R. Gray “Bro House”


The rain reminds us of our Father’s Love,
When He washes away all evil from above!
It’s like tears falling from His loving eyes,
Because of our sins that makes Him Cry!

The rain makes everything gloomy, seem fresh,
Because God gives the greatest and nothing less!
Just as our lives that become so very dry,
However God sends His rain from the sky!

The rain causes you to lay down and sleep,
Because of His love that is always very unique!
Reminding You that He loves You so much,
That you can even feel His warm touch!

The rain causes even a rainbow to appear,
To assure that His favor and love is near!
Understand the tears that falls from His eyes,
Because He’s pouring out His mercy and Grace from the Sky!

The rain is so refreshing in its own way,
Therefore, allow it to fall all over you, today
It removes the burdens, the stress and pain,
So, let’s come together and receive the rain!

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